Dark Fashion

The Nocte Amor Choker (P823) is a vampy neck piece with bat wings forming a heart on a black ribbon. Perfect for adding both cuteness and darkness to your outfit! Also featured above is the Rosa Nocta Earcuff (E382).

Whether you like mischievous cat themes, ravens, or dragons, we have the perfect jewelry to fit you. Seen here is our Cat Sith Pendant (P816). Above is the Bastet Goddess Choker (P817), the Rabeschadel Kleiner Ring (R220), the Black Consort Ring (R205), the Incrowtation Necklace (P819), the Rose of Perfection Wristrap (A116), and the Draconic Tryst Necklace (P811) with it's two dragon pendant pieces worn separately.

For the hardened metal-head, our Metal-Wear brand offers many dark and aggressive designs to trick out your style. Skulls, dragons, guitars, and Viking mythology are all themes you will find within the Metal-Wear line. Shown adjacently is the Skullhammer Pendant (P754), popular for it's grim skull imagery and strong form inspired by Thor's hammer. Shown above is the Alter Orbis Necklace (P722), the Killing Fields Bracelet (A93), the Pentagration Bracelet (A85), and several of our skull rings.

Seen above is the Vampire Loveheart Pendant (P802) for bat lovers, the Raven Hammer Pendant (P809) for viking fans, the White Hart, Black Rose (P807) for Herne (mythological hunter) followers, and the Triple Goddess Choker (P810) for witches and lunar fanatics!