Alternative Beauty

The Rose of Perfection Wriststrap (A116) is perfect for floral aficionados and those who appreciate gothic beauty. The leather strap winds around your wrist multiple times and features a black enameled rose, pewter vines, and white swarovski crystals. Cool enough for the blackest of hearts, and beautiful enough for an elegant night out!

The Bastet Goddess Choker (P817) is a sexy cat themed choker for the purrrfect look! The ribbon has a velvet surface, while the pewter cat head features red tinted eyes and a pierced ear with a cute little jingle bell! This is a great gift for the kitty lover in your life.

Fans of Ravens will love our many items themed around them! Here we have three pieces, the Rabeschadel Choker (P736), the Rabeschadel Kleiner Ring (R220), and the Rabeschadel Klein Pendant (P752).